Digital Opportunities for Income Generation in Public Libraries

We were thrilled to be invited to talk to trailblazing library leaders in England about the scope for them to develop income generating digital services back in Spring 2015. Further information about Locality’s work with libraries around income generation.

Our Data Coops – An Introduction

Harnessing Public Open Data to Nurture a Digital Civil Society

Common Libraries: Prototyping the Library of the Future – Today

We were thrilled to learn that our Common Libraries initiative was short-listed for an international OuiShare Award, in recognition of its contribution to the sharing economy, and amongst so many trail-blazing peer-to-peer endeavours. Check out this short intro – and, if you like what we’re doing, please don’t forget to vote for us!

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about the project / get involved – visit: or say hullo via @commonlibraries

The OK Cast: Episode #1.5 – Common Futures, Data Coops & Community Asset Ownership

The OK Cast is a weekly open source blog and podcast with the goal to explore, connect, use and inspire open knowledge projects around the world to develop the public commons, improve organisation and government transparency and communication, and advocate for social justice and social activism. The OK Cast is hosted by @AlexFink.

Episode #1.5 – Common Futures, Data Coops and Community Asset Ownership

Introducing: The Open Networks Academy

About the Digital Merthyr initiative:

Presentation for The Future of Open – July 2013

Presentation delivered at DTA Northern Ireland’s Inaugural Conference – June 2013

TedxBedford – Everyday Radicals

They’re Selling Off the Air…

They are selling off the air boys
The air that’s all around
And although you cannot see it
And it doesn’t make a sound
You can’t bottle it, or box it
Or grow it in the ground
They are selling off your air
By the dollar and the pound

They are selling off the air,
Every share that they can take
Every vector, every sector
Like the slices of a cake
Ingredients less visible
Than any you could bake
But somebody will sell it
For the money they can make.

They are selling off the air
Not in any earthly weights
And virtual are the castles
On their digital estates
For the digitally homeless
And the peasantry you are
They will steal the very air
If you let them go that far.

And your destiny is darkness
If you cannot pay their rates
Now they’re selling off the air
As economy dictates
And they will sell the future
While it still belongs to you
If the notion doesn’t suit you
Grab it back, before they do.

Listen to Selling Off The Air performed by Martin Newell

Visit Martin’s Website

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